Month: August 2020

Unique Valentine’s traditions in France

Every second week in February, in some European countries people are busy celebrating Valentine. This Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a variety of unique ways.
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There’s no Valentine if there’s no St. Valentinus, a saint from Rome with his legend. In the legend, Valentinus was finally thrown into prison for agreeing to the soldiers to get married. At that time, the army was forbidden to get married.

If Valentine today seems to be a happy day, maybe it’s because of the sacrifice of Valentinus who eventually falls in love with his jailer’s son. On the day he was executed, he had written several letters to the girl he loved so that his feelings reached him. At the end of the letter, he wrote ‘from your Valentine’. Since then, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated and phrases like ‘be my Valentine’ have become popular.

Starting from exchanging greeting cards and flowers, the trend of Valentine’s gifts changed in the early 1600s throughout Europe. Chocolate consumption is increasing because of the delicacy and chocolate is identical to the meal of nobility. Before long, Richard Cadbury was mass producing chocolate.

The phrase France as the most romantic country in the world

The phrase France as the most romantic country in the world is still attached today. In this place many people who declare love, love, until the honeymoon. This famous French pastry is also used as a special gift for loved ones. In France itself, Valentine’s Day began when Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent a love letter to his wife who was imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415. The letter later became the forerunner of Valentine cards today.

There is also a unique tradition called loterie d’amour, which is a game such as finding a mate which was then banned by the French government. Today, the French tradition of celebrating Valentine is not far from exchanging cards or gifts.