Month: November 2020

Valentine’s Tradition in Korea

pengeluaran hk live – If Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated in various parts of the world on February 14th, this is different from the traditions of the South Korean people. They celebrate Valentine’s Day in a span of 3 months. Why is it taking so long? Is it good for the love to be longer?

Launching from the page, it turns out that the length of Valentine’s Day celebrations in South Korea is due to a series of traditions that distinguish a number of groups for giving gifts on Valentine’s Day. So if in other places, February 14th is the day of love for a million people, eating in South Korea is a different tradition.

At least, there are three traditions that are part of the Valentine celebration, which makes celebrating Valentine’s Day in South Korea take a long time. The Valentine tradition there is closely related to giving gifts with the right timing to express feelings.

So in South Korea there are 3 main times to celebrate Valentine’s Day:


1. Valentine’s Day (February 14)


On February 14th, the girls will give chocolates or other kinds of gifts to the boys they like. So this Valentine’s Day February 14th moment is for girls who want to express their feelings.

But what’s strange here is that the girl can’t receive direct answers from the boys she likes. They have to wait at least a month for an answer from the boy who was given a present. So it turns out that when this guy gave the answer, it was done on a white day.

2.White Day (March 14)


He said, the white day tradition was first practiced by Japanese people. So at this moment, the boys will repay the feelings of the girl who gave her a present on the first Valentine’s Day on February 14 before.

They will give gifts in the form of white chocolate or various white gifts. Like white clothes or white accessories. This tradition then becomes a fun moment for those who get love back from the guy they like. But it’s a different story with girls who don’t get gifts in return.


3.Black Day (April 14)


Now only on Black Day, the girls who get gifts on White Day also get a share of celebrations on Black Day which is generally celebrated on April 14. Those who have not participated in both celebrations in the previous two times can also take part in the Black Day celebrations.

Usually, on Black Day, they will celebrate by eating Jjajyangmyeon or Black Noodles together with other single friends. So Black Day tends to be a pretty sad day for those who are single.


It turns out that these are the reasons why Valentine’s Day celebrations in South Korea are so long and long. Because the traditions cannot be done simultaneously like the celebration of Valentine’s Day in other countries. Until now, there have been many pros and cons to the Valentine tradition that has been practiced in South Korea for years.

In addition to the 3 days that are part of the celebration of Valentine’s Day, there are also ‘days’ that are turned out to be used by Korean people as celebrations related to love. Everything is celebrated on the 14th of every month. If January is called ‘Diary Day’, May is ‘Rose Day’, June is ‘Kiss Day’.

Then July ‘Silver Day’, August ‘Green Day’, September ‘Photo Day’, October ‘Wine Day’, November ‘Movie Day’, December ‘Hug Day’. Wow, it turns out that every 14th Korean people are given a special moment. So, the moment of love is done outside the Valentine period which is celebrated for 3 months.

What do you think about this Valentine’s tradition in South Korea, do you want to go there to celebrate Valentine’s moment with your loved ones?