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One of the celebrations that is widely celebrated by the whole world when February comes is Valentine’s Day.  Generally Valentine’s Day is usually referred to as valentines day. Valentine’s Day is generally celebrated with loved ones, spending time together, and exchanging gifts or sending greeting cards with expressions of affection.

But if you trace back, how exactly was Valentine’s Day formed and the history behind it?

The euphoria of this love day is indeed often felt when the month of February comes. Even before the day arrived at the mall and supermarket dominated by flower decorations, heart-colored trinkets, romantic dinner discounts, and balloons that enliven various places.

Besides that Valentine can not be separated from the usual chocolate only priced at a cheaper price, when Valentine’s night has come. But in your view, what is the appropriate way to interpret this day of love?

For most young people, valentines day is the right day to express feelings, choose a partner, do a romantic ritual together and so forth. But in fact the history behind it is reversed with the meaning it has today. There are various versions telling about Valentine’s Day which is celebrated every February 14th.

In the following article we will discuss the real history of Valentine and the various meanings contained when Valentine arrives:

The History of Valentine According to Legend

The first history comes from a priest from Rome named Valentine, who had a tragic ending. This legend tells that Valentine was beaten and ended beheaded on February 14, 278 AD. This form of execution is a punishment because Valentine’s priest is considered against the policy of an Emperor named Claudius II.

Based on history, Claudius II was known to be cruel after making Rome involved in various bloody battles. This is so that Rome always wins in war. So the Emperor must show he has a strong army. But this turned out to be difficult to realize, because according to the Emperor the troops were reluctant to go to war because they were tied to their wives or lovers. To overcome this, Claudius II banned all forms of marriage and engagement in Rome.

Unfortunately this Valentine’s pastor opposed the policy, he tried to secretly marry off a young couple. This action was discovered and in the end the priest Valentine was arrested and sentenced, then his body was beaten until beheaded. This sentence makes a mark as a warning or celebration which is carried out every February 14th.

The real history of Valentine is indeed more trusted, because the legend is circulating mentioning that Valentine left a farewell note for the daughter of the prison guard who became his friend. With the words ‘From Your Valentine’ it has become popular and a lot of inspiration. For his services, Valentine has been named a saint to be called Saint Valentine.