The Meaning of Chocolate for Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day, which falls every February 14th, is the awaited day. The momentum is known as Valentine’s Day, which is usually celebrated with loved ones. This opportunity is usually done by carrying out romantic activities such as candle light dinners or giving special gifts that are full of impressions.

Gifts given are also very diverse, but flowers and chocolates are two things that are identical to the Valentine’s moment. These two objects will certainly color every Valentine’s Day. But, does friends know the meaning, especially chocolate?

Keep in mind that chocolate has become a symbol of affection, luxury, passion, love and sensuality. The content of endorphins in chocolate can increase passion and enthusiasm, and can arouse a true sense of happiness.

In addition, chocolate also comes from the tree Theobroma Cacao which means “food for the gods” for the Greeks. And seeing the privilege, chocolate is often used as a special gift for loved ones. But you need to know, chocolate has a variety of types with different meanings. Curious what the meaning of each type of chocolate? let’s see.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

While chocolate with a slightly sweet taste usually has a composition of 60% cocoa powder and 40% sugar. This type of chocolate symbolizes care and sensitivity. In fact, if you have a partner who likes mainstream things, then this chocolate is for him.

 Couverture Chocolate

This chocolate is rarely found. But usually, it contains 32-39% brown fat and 26 percent sugar, vanilla, and also lecithin. The taste is very unique and delicious. For the record, usually someone with a personality who likes challenges, will definitely enjoy this chocolate gift.

Dark Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate has a cocoa content of 75-90 percent with the addition of a little sweetener and does not contain milk. Usually, dark chocolate will be the right choice to reward people who don’t like sweets. Dark chocolate also has a special luxury taste. So that makes it very suitable as a gift for colleagues or parents.